Common Types of SEO Services in Singapore

If you have a newly launched website or if your existing site isn’t generating enough traffic, you may want to consider hiring SEO services in Singapore. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a strategy to tell major search engines regarding your website and what keywords to rank your site for. This is very important since people are using search engines like Google to find what they are looking for. In other words, SEO can help improve your visibility online, which in turn, helps more people find your website and aid achieve your business goals.

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There are several companies that provide SEO services, but not all services are the same. Depending on their specialisation, you may want to think things over about which service suits your needs as of the moment. If the result of this campaign is good, then you can consider getting another service to further increase your online presence and eventually gain leads. To give you an idea, here are common SEO services Singapore you can find.

Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of SEO strategy is keyword search. Before any business can create a plan to improve the ranking of a particular website and increase traffic from search engines, it is important to know which keywords to target. Basically, each page of the domain must target one or two unique keywords. If you’re a construction company that offers equipment rental, materials supplying and manpower recruitment, you should look for keywords that cover these three areas. You may look for synonyms, adjective and prefixes for your keywords. These keywords can help you rank in Google or other search engines if used properly.

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Page Creation

After having a comprehensive keyword search, the job of an SEO is to assist you in creating new pages to rank for the keywords. Besides, if you don’t have a relevant page on the website, it will never have a chance to rank. If you don’t have the keywords you are targeting on your domain page, your site will simply not rank. Together with the SEO consultant, you should produce new pages on your site that target new search terms. However, there are things to keep in mind when creating new pages including make them long enough to be comprehensive, each page must be unique content, avoid the urge to target more than two keywords per pageand more.

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Link Building

One factor that Google considers in ranking is the quantity and quality of links pointing to a certain page. Both internal links coming from other pages on the domain and external links from high authority sites or other domain are important in improving ranking. But external links are more valuable than internal links and must be the focus of the SEO consultant’s efforts. The ultimate key to link building is both quantity and quality – not only quantity. A high-quality link is one that comes from a relevant website or blog containing similar subject matter. When the SEO consultant discusses to you regarding link building, be sure they are more concern on quality. If they think that quantity is more important, then it’s a sign that they are not reliable. The best link building tactics are often done manually, with attention to detail and quality. This will be your benchmark for success.

Page Optimisation

A good SEO consultant will be able to make changes to the content and technical underpinning of your web pages to ensure that Google and other search engines can understand them as well as the site visitors. Optimising your web pages are crucial in improving ranking. This type of SEO service is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Page optimisation tends to be more affordable than other Singapore SEO services.

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